Our Services 

Sketch Architecture operates AutoCAD for 2D documentation and utilises a number of software packages to offer the client 3D images to assist in the design stage. This gives the client a clear understanding of the completed project.

We can provide one or all of the 6 distinct services outlined below depending on client requirements:

Stage 1: Full brief taking, predesign and concept design.

Defining the client brief in terms of requirements and outcomes, including:

• discussing your brief, design ideas and what you want to achieve.

• ascertaining the suitability of prospective sites and the implications of the Resource Management Act and town planning issues.

• working with separately engaged consultants to qualify the potential of the site.

• reporting back with the pros and consof each option, including providing an indicative budget.

Stage 2: Documented for resource consent purposes and build estimate.

We develop your brief into a clear and formal design. In this stage, we:

• consult with your Local Authority.

• prepare preliminary concept and developed design drawings.

Once you are happy and approve the final design, we:

• co-ordinate preliminary cost estimates from other consultants (eg engineers and quantity surveyors).

• and use the design documents to obtain Resource Consent (if a Resource Consent is necessary).

Stage 3: Full building consent and construction documentation.

We prepare a complete set of detailed construction documents sufficient for construction purposes. These drawings are lodged for Building Consent and used for tendering purposes. During this phase,we consult and co-ordinate with other consultants on a regular basis.

Stage 4: Organising, coordinating and reporting on building tenders.

We prepare a complete set of pricing documents, and go out to tender to find a builder or construction company for the job. We co-ordinate the tendering process, and report back with are commendation. We negotiate contract terms with the successful tenderer to achieve the best value outcome for the project.

Stage 5: Administering the construction contract.

This is the construction stage of the project, which can take anywhere from one month to two years, depending on the size and nature of the project. During construction, we:

• impartially administer the building contract between you and the building contractor.

• hold regular meetings on site and monitor the building work to ensure it complies with the design and contract,and is going according to plan.

• keep you informed of progress,milestones and any issues throughout the construction process.

Stage 6: Post Construction.

Once construction is complete, we continue to administer the building contract through to the end of the defects liability period (the nominated period during which the contractor is still liable for any defects or building problems). At the end of construction, we have a formal debrief to ensure you are happy with the end result.